COVID-19:  Due to the current social distancing requirements we are NOT accepting volunteer applications.  Please check back in the fall, 2020 for updated volunteering application information. 

Volunteers of the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society provide a critical role to its success and are valued members of the team. CWRS is always in need of volunteers who are willing to help out in a variety of ways. CWRS is supported by a large, formally-trained volunteer base who collectively log over 3,500 volunteer hours per year. For information about corporate volunteering opportunities please visit our Corporate Volunteering page.

Volunteers at the facility are well-trained to perform a variety of functions from animal pickups and releases, providing rehabilitative care, feeding, conducting educational programs, and other critical functions. Volunteers through workplace and community organizations perform valuable construction and maintenance functions, keeping ongoing facility costs low, including lending their talents to make arts and crafts available for sale through our website, tradeshows and auctions.


CWRS is also supported by veterinarians during the rescue process. Over 40 veterinary clinics in Calgary and the surrounding area receive wildlife on our behalf, temporarily housing (but not treating) the animals until volunteer transport arrives, without any charges in most cases.


The volunteer Board of Directors and committees, such as Fundraising and Communications, also contribute countless hours planning, assisting staff, fundraising, and advocating for the CWRS.


Save wildlife. Meet like-minded friends. Learn valuable skills.

Join our team of volunteers!


CWRS has seasonal intakes for volunteers. Pickup Driver applications are accepted from May 1 – August 31. Animal Care applications are accepted from November 1 – February 28. Education volunteer applications are accepted from August 1 – October 31. Please submit your application in the appropriate time frame. Applications made outside of the above time frames will be discarded.


Animal Care Volunteers applications are accepted from November 1 – February 28 every year


CWRS requires animal care volunteers every day of the year! Our animal care volunteers assist our staff in the daily care routines of our animal patients and permanent residents. This includes cleaning enclosures, feeding animals, assisting with cleaning duties such as laundry, sweeping and mopping. These positions bring our volunteers into a once in a lifetime position to be around wildlife and participate in their rehabilitation. Animal Care positions are highly coveted, and we often have a wait list.


We care about the health and safety of our volunteers. Please be aware that animal care volunteer positions include exposure to allergens including peanuts, eggs, bees, dander, fur, shavings, pollen, and hay. Individuals must be in good health to volunteer and cannot be immuno-compromised (illness or medical treatment). Animal care positions involve physical labour. As such all volunteers must be able walk unaided on uneven ground and carry 25 lbs.


Education Volunteers are accepted from August 1 – October 31 every year


CWRS is an active member of the community providing over 150 educational programs every year to schools, community groups and seniors residences. Our education volunteers have the exciting and unique opportunity to teach children and the public about native wildlife, human-wildlife conflict and wildlife rehabilitation with the help of one of our education ambassadors, Lito (Swainson’s Hawk) or Ophelia (Great Horned Owl). Educators are trained to handle raptors safely and are provided with all the information and tools required to go into classrooms as representatives of CWRS. Educator volunteers should be comfortable speaking in public and around animals. Educators must be available at least two days a month during regular school hours. Preference giving to those that have animal handling experience and/or teaching experience.


Pickup driver Volunteers are accepted from May 1 – August 31


Most of the animals that come to CWRS are first brought to veterinary clinics around the city by members of the public that could not bring the injured or orphaned animals directly to us. Our pick up drivers drive to those clinics and pick up wildlife to be brought back to CWRS for diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the season and number of intakes, CWRS can require dozens of pickups a week! Pickup Driver Volunteers must provide their own vehicle and have a valid drivers’ license.


CWRS is run by a volunteer board of directors. We are currently looking for energetic, professional, proactive persons who are passionate about wildlife and willing to fund raise to join our board of directors! Directors are voted in during our May AGM each year. Directors on our board must be willing to commit to a 2-year term. Potential Board positions for successful applicants include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Fundraising, Director of Communication.


Construction & Maintenance volunteers are accepted year-round


Are you good with your hands? Are you a trades person? CWRS is always in need of skilled labourers to help us build and maintain enclosures and to ensure the working order and safety of our site (snow removal, grass cutting and other miscellaneous site tasks).


Fundraising volunteers are highly valued at CWRS! We are currently seeking grant writers and fundraisers to help our Executive Director and Director of Fundraising to secure funding for the viability and progression of the Wildlife Hospital and Society. Fundraising volunteers must have experience with either grant writing or foundation fundraising and excellent interpersonal skills.


Our Casino Fundraising event is the largest fundraiser of the year for CWRS! Money raised through the casino provide critical funds that are used for operational costs. These funds are fundamental to our budget and help keep us running year after year! Our next casino will be held in May of 2019. This is a great opportunity to significantly impact CWRS AND to meet other wildlife enthusiasts!

To become a volunteer complete and submit the application forms associated with each volunteering stream above. For additional information please contact administration at CWRS:

Contact CWRS

Filling out this form does not guarantee you a volunteer position. Volunteers MUST be 18 years of age or older.


All volunteer will need to complete an orientation session.