Education Program

Please note: We are fully booked for programs this spring/summer. Please check back with us mid-August to book for the fall. 


The CWRS brings awareness to the community through its educational programs offered to schools, youth, adult, and community groups and other interested organizations throughout the Calgary area. The Education program serves to inform the public about our services emphasizing the value of wildlife rehabilitation, address conservation issues, provide information (physiology/adaptations/migration) about native wildlife and create conversation around the implications of human activities on the health and safety of wild animals. Many of these programs also include an owl pellet dissection, which is a fun, unique, and highly rated hands on educational experience for students of all ages. Owl pellets are formed from the regurgitated bones and fur that owls cannot digest. Our programs create long lasting positive associations with wildlife; it is our goal to provide relevant, engaging information and experiences for students and the community with regards to wildlife and wildlife issues.


Interactive education is provided to Calgary area schools and youth groups through visits from our Education Ambassadors and our volunteer educators.



The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) has been recognized for outstanding educational presentations with local schools, youth and seniors groups. A volunteer, partnered with one of our permanent resident owls or hawks (when available), will be delighted to help your group learn more about wildlife and the CWRS. Each presentation is interactive with live animal and multimedia. The presentations are 1 hour in length, with the exception of an owl presentation that includes pellet dissection, which is 75 minutes. Each presentation is based around one of our ambassadors. Our presentations include:


• Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

• A visit from one of our educational ambassador animals (when appropriate)
• Wildlife rehabilitation stories

• Information about human-caused injuries, implications for wildlife and how you can help

• What do to do if you find an orphaned or injured wild animal


Presentations are $125 each, and $150 for presentations that include a pellet dissection. If you are interested in having a volunteer from Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society present to your group please fill out our presentation request form

Owls All Around: The Secret of Silent Flight

Everything you ever wanted to know about owls! Your group will be visited by our resident Great Horned Owl, Ophelia and learn about what distinguishes a raptor, about owl physiology, owl behavior, and the secret of silent flight. Programs can include an optional owl pellet dissection in which students look for bones in owl pellets! Ophelia books up quickly so we recommend contacting us in September or October for owl presentations in a school year.

Hawks on the Move: The Incredible Journey of Swainson’s Hawks

Swainson’s hawks have the longest migratory route of any North American raptor, moving between Alberta and Argentina every year. With the help of our educational Swainson’s Hawk, Lito, follow a year in the life of a Swainson’s haw including how and why they migrate, food chains, raptor hunting, and conservation issues.

The Magic of Feathers

This hands-on program is designed to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of feathers and wings. The students will have an opportunity to examine various types of feathers to find similarities and differences in their structure. We will touch on other flying creatures that do not have feathers. For older students we will also discuss the advantages of flight, the function of different wing shapes and benefits/hazards of migration. This program will be available from October 2019 onwards.

Marvelous Misfits: Calgary’s underdogs!

Calgary is home to many unique wildlife species that have unusual and interesting adaptations. Meet our educational skunk, Oliver as you learn about how our most maligned species are actually important and valuable contributors to our ecosystem. Separate fact from fiction as you learn about the marvelous adaptations of some of nature’s most misunderstood and maligned species: skunks, porcupines, bats and magpies!

Examples of CWRS Fits into Your Curriculum


There are many ways to incorporate our programs into any classroom/group setting or work into any school curriculum. Here are a few examples:


Ask your students to write a poem or story about Ophelia, Lito or Oliver


Have the students sketch or draw the educational ambassdoar


Owl Pellet Dissection (offered for grades 2 and up)
Flight and Wings
Alberta’s Prairie Ecosystem with food webs

Social Studies

How human behavior affects wildlife.
• Urban sprawl
• Radio frequency admittance affecting migration


The migration program


Migration distance travelled calculations



Please note: We are fully booked for programs this spring/summer. Please check back with us mid-August to book for the fall. 

For more information about our educational programs please contact our admin office at 403-266-2282.