Call for Board Members

Call for Board Members


Calgary Wildlife is currently seeking several new volunteers to join the Board of Directors as Secretary and Director(s) at Large.

The Calgary Wildlife board is a working board for a small organization, which means we do more than simply oversee operations – we also roll up our sleeves and help elevate the stature of the organization in ways that align with our skillsets and title. Board members oversee organizational operations to ensure our mandate is being fulfilled, help raise funds and public awareness, and assist with leadership and general promotion of Calgary Wildlife in support of our mission and goals. Board members are expected to make a commitment to participate fully in strategic planning, governance, fund development and tactical activities.

Full role descriptions:


Interested parties are invited to email their applications to clearly stating in the subject line the role they are interested in.

Calgary Wildlife’s Board of Directors does not merely perform a governance function. The members of the Board devote a significant amount of time to their roles and bring considerable expertise from their professional and educational experience. Board members are carefully selected because each member is expected to actively contribute to the proper management of Calgary Wildlife. With this in mind, the Board of Directors performs a rigorous recruitment and selection process when it is seeking new candidates for the Board. This process helps Calgary Wildlife to develop a strong slate of candidates that are each able to bring their particular talents and knowledge to the Board. Before making a final selection among potential candidates, the Board takes the time to review candidates’ qualifications and education in order to identify the experience and skills that are needed to properly support Calgary Wildlife. This process aims to match qualified candidates to the needs of the Society as individuals are screened through interviews and references for their expertise as well as their fit with our culture.

Notwithstanding this, as a Member of the Society, you have a right to attend and to vote on all matters properly brought forward at the Annual Meeting. In addition, you have the right to stand for election to the Board of Directors of the Society. A Member of the Society may nominate any other Member of the Society, except as limited in the Society’s By-laws, for election or re-election to the Board for the ensuing year by giving notice in writing, seconded by one other Member, to the Nominating Committee of the Board. In addition, to be valid, a notice for nomination must be accompanied by a written acceptance of the nomination by the nominee. If a late nomination to the Board is made from the floor at the Annual General Meeting, one other Member who is present must second the nomination, and the nominated Member must be in attendance to provide acceptance of the nomination.