Give a Wild Gift this Holiday Season!

Thanks to all of our amazing supporters we have reached our $10 000 goal. Let’s see if we can double that! Help us raise another $10 000 to help provide the specialized diets, medical treatment, and care for the wildlife patients that come through our door. For the 2400+ wild animals that come through our doors annually, your donation provides life-saving treatment and care. Help us raise $20 000 this holiday season!

Give a wild gift this year! Help us help wildlife this holiday season by sponsoring one of our wildlife patients! Sponsorship donations help provide food, housing, medical treatment and care for patient that are commonly in care. Our permanent residents can also be sponsored; animals that could not be released but that serve valuable roles at CWRS as part of our education program or by fostering orphaned patients. When you purchase a wild gift, we will mail the card to you directly or to the recipient with a personalized note on your behalf. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation! There are many levels of sponsorship; every donation helps save lives.

Sponsor a Species

Bohemian Waxwing $20     Robin $20    
Canada Goose $30     Mallard Duck $30    
Magpie $40     Hare $40    
Skunk $50     Fawn $50    
Swainson’s Hawk $75     Great Horned Owl $75    

Sponsor a Permanent Resident

Ophelia $75     Lito $75    
Quillimena $75    Angel $75