The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is a registered non-profit charitable organization that rescues and rehabilitates wild animals in the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. The CWRS is dedicated to treating injured and orphaned wildlife, providing valuable outreach and education services to the community, and engaging all volunteers in motivational work and skill building experience.



Annual Reports
CWRS 2017 Annual Report
CWRS 2016 Annual Report
CWRS 2015 Annual Report
CWRS 2014 Annual Report

Our Patients

CWRS receives mostly urban wildlife. With over 400 species of wild animals living within the City of Calgary, there is a great variety in the patients that we see! In 2017 we took in 2204 patients

Quick Facts

  • *We are the ONLY veterinarian based wildlife hospital within the City of Calgary
  • *our professional veterinary staff provide medical and rehabilitative care for all injured and orphaned wildlife that are brought into the hospital.
  • *Most intakes are the result of urbanization (windows, roads, barbed wire, power lines, litter, pets
  • *Answer 10,000+ calls annually from citizens of Calgary regarding wildlife-related issues
  • *Provide 200+ eco-literacy programs to over 5000 students and citizens annually
  • *One of only 6 wildlife rehabilitation centers in Alberta and the southern most wildlife center in Alberta
  • *We work with numerous agencies including the Alberta government, the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Calgary Zoo, local animal services agencies, municipal police and many others.

We give injured or orphaned wild animals a second shot at life.

Why We Exist

Calgary’s blend of urban and natural landscapes is home to a diversity of wildlife. As city limits expand, human activity increasingly encroaches upon wildlife habitats. We now share our communities with wildlife and encounter them around our homes, backyards and parks.

Virtually all wildlife received by the CWRS have been injured as a result of some contact with humans or human activity. Many of them are members of endangered or at-risk species. They need our help to survive. We give injured or orphaned wild animals a chance to survive.

The need for wildlife rehabilitation

The demand for CWRS’ services grows every year. In 2018 we received over 2200 animals and responded to over 10,000 wildlife-related calls from the public. There is no other agency in Calgary with the permits or knowledge to rehabilitate wildlife. Our services are specific, necessary, and unique within the Calgary community landscape.