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Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is dedicated to treating injured and orphaned wildlife, providing valuable outreach and education services to the community and engaging all volunteers in motivational work and skill building experience.


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Featured News & Events

  • Team Calgary Wildlife & the Calgary Marathon Scotiabank Charity Challenge

    Good news! Team Calgary Wildlife is right now one of the top fundraising teams for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge. We would LOVE to have you on our team! It’s easy to join and to make a difference for injured and orphaned wildlife in Calgary! Register for the marathon at www.calgarymarathon.com/register.html. You can run with our team (we are doing the Goodlife Fitness 5 km) or choose another run that suits your goals! You can join Team Calgary Wildlife or start your own fundraising team. Why not name it after your favourite native species?! If running isn’t your thing, you can still help by donating to the CWRS fundraising pageand by spreading the word to your networks!

  • F- Sax

    Volunteer Spotlight – Nakita Hayes

    This month we are focusing our volunteer spotlight on Nakita Hayes, one of our cheery and committed animal care volunteers. Nakita is a sweet woman who is always eager to help in whatever way she can. She demonstrates her clear love of wildlife at every shift when she goes above and beyond to ensure she is working with the staff to best meet the needs of our wildlife patients. Read all about her below
    1. What kind of work do/did you do?
    Volunteering at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society currently includes feeding some of the wildlife that are at the centre along with cleaning up the areas they are residing in. I also pick up wildlife that are in need of a ride to the centre in order to receive care from our miraculous team.
    2. What brought you to Calgary Wildlife?
    I have always had a deep connection and appreciation for wildlife and nature and was trying to find ways that I could best support wildlife and help them live a healthy and happy life.
    3. Do you have a favourite story about your volunteering work as an Animal Care volunteer?
    One morning when I was volunteering – I went to feed Sax (duck) and change his water bin. As soon as I changed his water bin he immediately ran from across the pen, jumped into the water and started wagging his tail, quacking and swimming in a circle. My pants were completely soaked and I was left laughing, feeling completely present in the moment that I was in.
    Photo Credit: Nakita Hayes
    4. What do you wish others knew about Calgary Wildlife?
    I hope more people become aware of the benefits that the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society provides for the wellbeing and survival of the animals that they care for. I would also like individuals to know that the hard working souls at the CWRS are faced with a lot of difficult challenges i.e.: Fund Raising for food/supplies/Animal Health Technicians/Veterinarians, Coordinating Volunteers, etc.The centre is only able to operate through the love and giving individuals within the surrounding communities – It purely relies on the support of the people who live here. Wildlife Rehabilitation is often overlooked, but can you imagine a world without these magnificent beings? If you cannot – please take the small leap and help today! Every bit of support helps us help them.
    5. What is your favorite way to connect with nature and enjoy local wildlife?
    I really enjoy connecting with wildlife and nature when I can. I purposefully take the time to connect with myself so I can truly appreciate what is around me. I go for runs, walks, practice yoga, and volunteer at CWRS!
    6. What is your favorite native animal?
    My favourite native animal that lives within our communities is the Great Horned Owl. Their peaceful presence is mesmerizing and their build and attitude is remarkably strong and fierce.
    Photo Credit: Nakita Hayes

  • Run for Team Calgary Wildlife!

    Is running a marathon on your bucket list?Cross off this achievement AND help Calgary’s wildlife at the same time by registering for the Calgary Marathon Scotiabank Charity Challenge and joining Team Calgary Wildlife!
    This fundraising marathon is run on May 28th and don’t worry, you don’t need to be an athlete to join, in fact many participants have never run a marathon before. All you need is a passion for wildlife because that is what unites our team and carries us all over the finish line!
    When you join our team, you will benefit from:
    fundraising tools, ideas, tips and training
    team photos and race day photos
    a Team Calgary Wildlife T-shirt
    a special site tour for all our amazing runners
    our immense gratitude that you are literally stepping up !

    Reserve your spot today onTeam Calgary Wildlife!

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